Room In Roof Insulation

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Exactly what is a Room in Roof

The Room in Roof is a common addition in modern houses that sees a loft or extra storey added to bungalows and houses. This often includes a fixed narrow staircase, leading to the brand-new room. These room in roof’s typically receive light from a Velux or Dormer window and are classed as extra bedroom or bedrooms. We at GreenTeamUK use insulation systems which are designed to provide the highest possible insulation benefit, with minimum impact on your new room and its interior space.

The time is right to get a room in roof insulated, the recent changes in April 2017 and Ofgem’s guidance on room in roof insulation means property owners receive the highest possible level of insulation for room in roof projects. Additionally, the new Energy Company Obligation Grant Funding (ECO) could cover up to all of the cost of a new room in roof, making new room in roof’s absolutely free!

All you have to do to get underway on getting a brand-new room in roof is to make an appointment for your free survey and assessment. After this we will look after the whole project for you!

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Room in Roof Insulation: Why do you need it?

The loft area is an often-overlooked room in the house, left without activity from the day the house was constructed. This means they are often non-insulated with out-of-date materials and techniques that are vastly inadequate compared to modern building and regulations. This means your room and house can be left too cold in the winter, and too warm in the summer!


GreenTeamUK use next generation, modern insulation materials and installation methods to ensure that your loft space and room in roof can still be used as an additional room or for storage if required, whilst keeping the heat in your home in an efficient manner.

This type of insulation not only makes your new room in roof feel homelier, but retains heat throughout your whole house, potentially saving you money on your heating bills and giving you a whole new room that is comfortable throughout the year.

Easy Installation of Room in Roof Insulation

Our modern installation methods involve applying specialist insulation board to the surfaces of your roof. We also use loft wool insulation to fill out the remainder space behind any required stud walls. Our Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board is bonded to plasterboard and therefore ready to be decorated as soon as we have finished our work on the room in roof. This means your room can be made into a comfortable living space immediately.

Additionally, if you are unable to access panels in your stud walls, if it is required we will install a fire-rated lockable access panels for your room for free!

We can have your loft quickly converted and insulated, with little disruption, giving you a whole new room and living space for your home and family!