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Cavity Wall Insulation – Without The Price Tag

Yes, really. We are offering FREE cavity wall and loft insulation for all homeowners and landlords. And all homes with cavity walls – big or small, regardless of age – whether you’re an existing customer or not.

It’s part of our Affordable Warmth drive and the Government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Scheme to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions.

We‘ve been offering free cavity wall insulation to people and families who qualify and need it. No hidden catches. Just extra comfort at no extra cost.

Good insulation is key to achieving heating comfort for your home. It reduces both heat loss and heat gain, meaning your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It can also decrease the demand on heating systems as you will require less energy to reach the same temperature when you have insulated your home, therefore cutting back on heating costs.

For homes with cavity walls (two layers of bricks with a hollow space between) our Bead insulation product offers a revolutionary new way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It is significantly more energy efficient than traditional materials such as mineral wool and fibre. The bonded-bead system satisfies the latest, exacting standards for energy efficiency in the building industry. The special material settles into the cavity leaving very little space between beads, which, coupled with a unique manufacturing method, means an optimum level of heat is being bounced back into the property. Our bead insulation is made from a material which will not shrink. crack, settle or be unduly affected if you need to remove any of the outer brickwork or replace any windows. It is also fully fire retardant and approved for use in even the most extreme of conditions.

Insulating a property’s cavity walls with Bead insulation means the U value of the walls is dramatically improved, by as much as 77% in fact. The lower the U value of a property’s walls, the more slowly heat is lost and the less money you will need to spend on fuel bills to keep your home warm.

Key features

  • A lambda value of just 0.032.
  • Standard fibre products are 28% less efficient than our bead insulation.
  • Reduces heat loss from walls by around 73%
  • Installed in a couple of hours with minimal disruption, 30% less drill holes when compared to fibre solutions.


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How can you tell if you have cavity walls

Cavity walls didn't really start to be used in general building until the early 1930s, so knowing the age of your home is the first useful step in figuring out if you have them. If your home was built after 1930 then it's highly likely you have cavity walls.

Another useful trick is to look at the pattern of your house bricks. A regular pattern of bricks - where all the bricks are laid on the long side - usually means you have cavity walls.

But please don’t worry about checking before getting in touch with us. We'll assess your property thoroughly to see if you have cavity walls or cavity wall insulation when we come to see you.

Is cavity wall insulation messy to install

No. It normally takes half a day to install and we won't need to come into your home. We'll leave your outside walls tidy with minimal disruption to you.

We can install cavity wall insulation in no more than half a day and normally do so from outside your home. We drill 2cm holes in the outer wall, which our specialist heating engineers then inject with cavity wall insulation. Although quick and easy to install, it is not a DIY job and must be done by professionals. Don’t worry: we won’t need to remove any bricks from your home.

Once the cavity is full, the holes are filled in to match with the existing wall and our engineer leaves your home exactly as he found it.

How long is the product guaranteed for

The product carries a 25 year Insurance Backed Guarantee, which is only given out by GDGC (external accredited insurer) who carry out an inspection after each individual job is installed. Each installation can only be carried out once Cav check (external accredited company) have given the go ahead for the install.

l have heard bad feedback regarding the product in the past, why should I be interested

The product in the past was installed by unregulated companies with poor quality control using inferior products. This is no longer the case, not any company or organisation can carry out an installation on a property. GreenTeamUK has been accredited and is strictly regulated with monthly audits, pre-installation checks and stringent technical monitoring. Also, in the past the product used was a fibre product, which acts like a sponge and when damp will never dry out. Hence problems with damp walls etc. The new product is a product blown Bead which is 28% more efficient than standard fibre insulation. Also. any ingress of water will simply drain from the spherical beads and off into the drain. It is a completely different product to the previous product and it has been developed by modern technology.

How do I check if my home has had cavity wall insulation previously

Your property will have drill holes in the external brick work underneath the windows.

If I have had it installed previously, can I have it re-done

If it was installed prior to 1994 we can extract it for you and install the modern accredited Bead product. It is probably in your best interest to take advantage of the scheme before. or if you are already having, damp problems.

Is installation messy and how long does it take

Installation time takes around 4 hours and is completely mess free.

Is there anywhere online I can check about the scheme

Yes, if you check our website it will give you all the information regarding the funding scheme and more information on the bead technology.

What is the procedure if we would like to proceed

Once we have filled out your application form, you will hear from us within 48 hours to arrange a convenient time with yourself for an inspection and survey of the property. Our surveys are completely free and should only take about 30 minutes. Our survey report will then be sent to an External Accreditation body who will check through and authorise the installation to go ahead. If approved for install. we will then install at a convenient date for yourself. Upon completion GDGC will inspect the installation work before giving out the 25 year guarantee.